I’m a journalist, so I’m supposed to be impartial, right?

We've got a while until chrysanthemum season actually starts (usually in the fall in California), but that hasn't stopped me from spotting them all over the place.

I was born on mothers day—and so am excused from the holiday with little more than a phone call.

Combine the spark of motivation that comes with spring and a handful of dramatic before-and-after photos and I am suddenly in full project mode. 

Want to instantly up your home's appraisal value by, oh, say half a million? If you live in San Francisco, you can start by crossing your fingers that famed London graffiti artist Banksy is eyeing your exterior walls to use as his canvas at this very moment.

Bay Area boutique Candystore Collective has a knack for innovative in-store installations.

Ten letters, ten firms. The design community is in serious speculation mode about which ten firms will be receiving letters from the folks at the Berkley Art Museum

In this town, there's a new bar or restaurant opening every week. And just as often, I'm left wondering who designed the space, guessing at their inspiration, and wishing I could pick the designer's brain.

Coup D'Etat turns the dark library at the Decorator Showcase into a still-cerebral bright, contemporary space.

I never met a piece of powder coated metal I didn't like. Maybe I'm just drawn to shiny objects like a barracuda, but I think it's more because of the finish's transformative properties.


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