A couple of my favorite design-based happenings hit town this week. Both feature art and involve two things I'm crazy about: flowers and fine homes.

     This time of year makes me wish I lived in an old hacienda, with bougainvillea climbing up the walls, the windows always flung open, and cool tiles beneath my feet. 

Considering how much I love, love, love my mom, my usual Mother's Day effort–a card, occassionally handmade, with a few quickly jotted down lines of love–is not quite conveying my soaring adoration.

I was just starting to come to terms with the mile-long list of my favorite bands that I would miss by skipping Coachella this year.

The only thing that ever came out of my recycling bin was a pair of "binoculars" made out of old paper towel rolls that I crafted in the first grade.

When architect Jennifer Weiss spotted a Plexiglass bin that was overflowing with keys, papers and cellphones on her clients' kitchen countertop, she knew instantly she could make their lives better.

Living in a temperate climate like most of California, it can be worth it to invest in a nice set of outdoor furniture. But depending on the amount of space you have for storage–not to mention any budget constraints–buying solely for your outdoor space isn't always an option.

Get in on the Bay Area Bauhaus debate for a chance to win two tickets to AIA SF's Home Tours.

The creative forces behind this home in Marin can be compared to some of design’s most influential visionaries.

I’ve always kind of wanted to try my hand at a big DIY socket lamp chandelier.


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