True to its name, Discarded to Divine transforms donated clothing into couture fashion. 

On May 1, the elaborate doors of the 2010 San Francisco Decorator Showcase House will swing open to the public and style connoisseurs will fill the Washington Street mansion to admire the work of some of the top designers in the city.

If the sun shining and plants budding didn't tip you off to the blossoming of spring, these new pieces from ceramicist Diana Fayt should do the trick.

Perhaps you've seen this $15M estate in Atherton, but get a load of the bargain across the street! 

The San Francisco Ferry Building has become something of a pleasure den catering to the unique fetishes and cult-like cravings of the NorCal urbanite:

  This could be one of the last things I'd ever expect to be "on trend", but if the idea sounds a little, um, fishy to you too, hear me out.

SFMOMA's new iPad Rooftop Garden app makes sure you and your iPad won't leave the museum's rooftop empty headed.

My baby (due sometime this month) will arrive with a lot of baggage, literally.

It being the beginning of spring and all, convention would have one planning to add lovely shades of green, pink, and other blossomy hues to the table.

Lately San Francisco has been feeling more like Seattle, with what seems like endless rain spoiling weekend plans, people's moods–and no doubt more than a few pairs of shoes.


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