Because in our long and seasoned apartment-hopping lives we’ve all encountered a bedroom with a wacky width, an eight-sided dining room or a hallway that zigzags through the house like an impossible mouse maze, it is with serious relief that I announce the arrival of The Perfect Rug. 

Since the surprise shuttering last year of her award-winning, prefabricated green homes company, MK Designs, San Francisco architect Michelle Kaufmann has been busy as ever. Her latest project perfectly melds her eco-expertise and her eye for appealing aesthetics.

It is almost without fail that when I flip through a catalog I'll notice something absolutely perfect for my home... only to realize it's the one thing on the page that's not for sale. Curse those stylists, who always seem to procure exactly what I'm looking for!

There’s a subtle pressure put on parents-to-be when it comes to decorating and outfitting a baby’s nursery.

If you like to entertain, no doubt you've at one point wished to have an extra chair hanging around to accomodate guests. Well, the new twofold line from San Diego State furniture design student Christy Oates takes that need literally.

Correspondence these days is typically relegated to the holidays. Christmas cards, thank you notes, New Year’s updates – it all gets squashed into a period of a few weeks, then promptly disappears until next year.

  Tomorrow is the official start of spring, and with it comes gardening season.

The French designer known for his innovative designs of, well, everything, Philippe Starck has now set his creative sights on sustainable energy production.

Like Randy Newman before me, I'm not shy about professing my love for LA.

Here's a sad one: Big Pagoda, the Oakland-based, Asian-inspired furniture store will soon be shutting its doors.


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