San Francisco’s gritty SoMa neighborhood is a likely backdrop for redemption stories of all sorts, but this one, about an abandoned turn-of-the-century industrial factory turned model of sustainability (culminating with an impressive LEED Gold certification), is particularly inspiring.

After training as an architect, launching an event-planning company, climbing the rungs of the advertising world and then heading back to school to initiate yet another major career shift, the one thing Alexander Purcell really needed was a good place to sit down and rest—and while he has successfully created the former, the latter will have to wait.

When Matthew Leverone set out to design a family room for the 2009 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, it was clear that he had a certain type of family in mind—as in, no toddlers running around with grape juice and finger paints.

If designer Gary Hutton’s 30-year career could be summed up with a single image, it would be a shot featuring one of the shapely minimalist furnishings of his own design, complemented by a contemporary work of art—imagine a gracefully torqued steel cocktail table paired with a transcendent Rothko, for example.

Lewis Butler, principal of San Francisco’s Butler Armsden Architects, knows a thing or two about building farmhouses. He comes from a California agriculture family and his parents have owned farms across the state.

There is a house in Santa Monica that defies every notion of the modern contemporary home. Instead of straight lines, natural wood siding, taupe plaster walls, architects John Friedman and Alice Kimm tossed those tenets out the window and came up with a fresh, lively approach to suburban living.

A house of surprises. This may sound more like the description for a state-fair attraction rather than interior designer Melissa Palazzo’s Costa Mesa home, but a brief survey of the color-rich, art-filled dwelling reveals an abundance of conflicting elements.

Check out these restaurants, store openings and hotels.

Designer Jamie Drake drops by De Sousa Hughes to share the inspiration behind his newest collection for Lewis Mittman, as well as tips on how to incorporate the elegant new pieces into any room.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, landscape architecture firm SWA Group volunteered to transform the grounds of the Bayview Opera House into a revitalized and welcoming space for the community to enjoy.


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