SFMOMA celebrates its 75th anniversary with a suite of new exhibitions: “SFMOMA: 75 Years of Looking Forward” features highlights from the vast permanent collection along with never-before-displayed items such as letters arranging the acquisition of Jackson Pollack’s 1943 Guardians of the Secret.

When the Sparks-Graham family approached Jeffrey Gordon Smith about designing the landscape for their Los Osos vacation home, the challenge was marrying the style of their country cottage with Smith’s vision, which was inspired by part of the existing landscape.

The worldly, expressive style that made her our readers’ choice for “Designer of the Year” comes naturally to Sandra Espinet.

On February first, 18 families will be making a big move. They will go from nights spent in their cars, on relative’s couches, split up in shelters or on the streets to a room of their very own.

 Filmmaker and modern real estate pro Monique Lombardelli couldn't find any videos about Joseph Eichler and his groundbreaking homes, so she decided to make her own. Here is preview of her short film, released this fall.

Mail In Submissions To enter via mail, please submit a binder, clearly labeled with one category name, the firm name and contact information, containing 8-by-10-inch professional-quality photo prints and a brief summary of the project in 150 words or less.

A day at San Francisco’s Cookhouse with a group of digitally savvy design and food tastemakers turns out deliciously. Now, get the recipes!

How to Submit Your Project Digitally for the 2013 CH+D Awards: Enter the primary contact email for the entry in the from field.


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