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Sean Gaston and Bee Renovated work their magic in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto. Open Sunday, March 18 and March 25. [Updated!]

GetawayLive Like A LocalEarlier this year, Proper Hospitality took over The Viceroy property in Palm Springs, and now's your chance to check out the revamp with the help of this off-season package. Round up the girls and rent a villa or suite to receive VIP cabana treatment during your stay.

This classic bungalow in the Berkeley Hills has managed to retain much of its original charm. Open on Sunday, January 18th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

With great views and outdoor spaces, this late-30s bungalow got a mid-50s remodel by a noted East Bay architect and more recently, a going-over by Sogno Design Group tying the hillside structures together.

There are so many events happening before the holidays, it's hard to keep up. But if you're searching for one to partake in tonight, here's your ticket: There's a party a-brewin' at Fourth & Clay, the studio of ceramicists Christa Assad, rae dunn, and Josie Jurczenia, located in Berkeley.

It's crazy how last Wednesday any talk of impending winter holidays sounded premature, but then come Friday if you haven't started making a list and checking it twice it feels like you're already behind the curve.