The "Bird Streets" of the Hollywood HIlls are legendary for star power, luxury, and Mid-Century design. This previously-ordinary ranch house has been transformed in a minimalist bachelor(ette) pad.

Real Estate Report: Wine Country Retreat/Fortress High Above Glen Ellen

Joseph Eichler was a pioneering housing developer and builder after WWII— and as a builder rather than an architect, one of those most responsible for what we fondly look back at and call Mid-Century Modern. Here's one designed by Claude Oakland, skillfully updated, in Granada Hills.

As a serial renter (I’ve lived in five apartments in the last ten years), I know all too well the joys and pains of the rental hunt. The “joy” is fleeting (woo hoo – new digs, fresh start!). But the pain sets in fast: They call that a view?

Thanksgiving has been known to stretch our humble kitchens beyond their limits. Too late to change venues this week, but here are three on the market you might want to consider for next year's event.

Everyone has a vision of authentic. The only problem is that a few decades later, their "authentic" becomes inseparable from its own time.

After the happy ending for Neutra's Kronish House in Beverly Hills, which was threatened with a teardown and is now (hopefully) on the road towards restoration, it seems the market is flooded with a few Neutras for sale. Neutra's 1955 Staller House in Bel Air, owned by producer Gary Levinsohn remains on the market since the summer, despite a price reduction in October.

Warren Callister's houses in the Bay Area, where he had a long career, are often quirky objects with their own cult following. The best are clearly handcrafted— think furniture rather than log cabins.

This 1951 house by architect J.R. Davidson in the Hollywood Hills just came on the market, asking $2.95M.

Los Angeles is sometimes unjustly accused of being a city with no memory, a virtual tabula rasa with no respect for its history.