Avant-garde pioneer Ralph Pucci reflects on the evolution of his business and why California is a great place to break the rules. Check out the full story in our Spring Issue!CH+ D: Your Los Angeles showroom is coming up on its 10th anniversary in 2016.

Calling all chocolate lovers: Tis' the season to indulge - in the color that is. The dark decadent hue is fall 2011's hottest flavor. And trendsetting Kate Spade New York pays homage to all its delicious shades with a stop-motion animation full of whimsy and beauty.

How do you fit a rectangle into a triangle? For architect Jonathan Segal, this question wasn't merely an academic exercise. The San Diego-based architect recently built his home and office from the ground up in a formerly vacant lot in La Jolla.

Smoke detectors are one of those home safety features we don't spend much time thinking about or looking at. They sit unobtrusively on a wall and we forget about them until the battery weakens and starts to chirp or there's nearby smoke. But a few new products are making us re-think the humble fire alarm.

Whether you’re a pedal-pushing road warrior or a casual joyrider, you have to admit–bikes are pretty darn cool to look at. Well, thanks to Oakland-based craftster, Liz Dickey, we can now admire the two-wheel cruisers all the time. The Portland transplant turns recycled bicycle parts into mod designer wall clocks.

San Francisco-based rug designer Peace Industry released their new spring collection of handmade felt rugs this week. Like the rest of their rugs, these are made from lamb's wool with natural dyes, so they're chemical-free.