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I Could Live Here

There is something inherently romantic about the fog-draped coastline of Sonoma.

I may be an SF resident by mortgage and marriage, but my work and my in-laws provide plenty of opportunity to head to LA. Each time I go, my parallel parking gets a little better, and I fall a little more in love with Venice.

So if you're like me, you enjoy the beautiful places where Sarah says she could live, but you're also a bit jealous. I want to pretend too!

For weeks you’ve gotten a view into the domestic fantasies of Editor in Chief Sarah Lynch through her “I Could Live Here” posts

In a week I'll be heading out for a weekend at my friend's summer house in the Catskills, which has led me to fantasize about having a fabulous vacation home of my own. 

If you thought the renovation of the Warfield theater was incredible, wait til you see the work/live units upstairs. 

A tale of two Mediterranean-style houses in Marin—one a perfect replica of an old-world villa and the other an implausible makeover of a 19th-century church. 

My dream house is located on Sarah Road in Mill Valley.