About a year-and-a-half ago two Los Angeles  designers picked up and moved to Paris. So perhaps it's no coincidence that not too long after, the third arrondissement finally got it's very own SoCal-style taqueria, Candelaria.

I'm pretty much an old pro at writing about the completed interiors of restaurants, so when one of the owners of San Francisco's Flour + Water approached me and suggested I check out the empty,  dilapidated old structure that he and his team are about to turn into the latest addition to their foodie family, Central Kitchen, I knew a different kind of story was in order.

The seriousness of the San Francisco food scene is expressed by restaurants seemingly one-upping each other on every aspect of the dining experience: We use local produce…We grow our veggies on our roof! Our bar was custom made in Italy…Our plates were hand-thrown in Korea to custom fit each item on the menu! We have art from a local painter on the walls…We have an artist creating art behind you as you eat!

     I spent last week in Los Angeles, and as I've mentioned before, I get a little caught up in the glitz and glamour of the SoCal city. Maybe it's because I originally hail from Ohio, or maybe it's just the thrill of the hunt, but my time in L.A. doesn't feel complete without a little celeb stalking. And since I knew my visit landed smack in the middle of the Grammys and the Oscars, I was determined to spot a star.

When designer Brendan Ravenhill, a RISD alum, moved to Los Angeles about a year ago with his wife, they thought it was a temporary move while they checked out the city. Today, the couple's belongings may still be in storage back in Providence, but L.A. has become home.

Design SF was full of fascinating talks and events, but there was one in particular that was right up my alley: Public Eateries, A Conversation on Designing Restaurants in the Era of Food. It was held at the always mind-blowing Coup showroom. 

We have just crowned the first winner of the best restaurant design in our monthly online feature: Design Democracy. More than 3,000 votes were cast for the 23 spots nominated for Best-Designed Restaurant in San Francisco, with Local Mission Eatery beating out the rest with 741 votes. 

There are certain things I love about going to L.A., such as eating and drinking outside in extra plush patio furniture and acting like an undercover celebrity. Those are things harder to come by in here in SF, where the weather is down right chilly and nobody really cares about the state of Jake and Taylor's union (you know you want to click it)

I'm not a coffee drinker. When it comes to caffeine I have the tolerance of a two-year old, so anything more than a sip of the dark stuff and I'm up into the wee hours rearranging furniture (aka the design addict's answer to counting sheep). That said, I'm still excited to visit the newly opened MA•Velous in San Francisco. It's not the beans that are drawing me to this coffee shop and café, though with six different ways to brew each artisanally-grown cup, I'm tempted. Instead, I'm anxious to check out the eco-friendly interiors by Adeeni Design Group.