I Could Live Here: Lake District Envy

Is it possible for me to get this house as a hand-me-down?

My friend (and former photo editor) Stefanie is selling her house. It is sad to see an ultra-urbanite give it up for the 'burbs (which I've extolled for the sunbathing factor for years!) but it's even sadder to realize that I can't have her house. Shouldn't you be able to pass along a house that would look good on a friend (in this case, me) the same way you would hand down a dress you've outgrown???  But alas, someone besides me will end up in this meticulously renovated bungalow. But that person won't know about the research that went into choosing the contractor and the delight in finding the perfect kitchen backsplash (stainless mini-bricks - a favorite of mine!) as I would. Having spent the renovation days working with Stef, I know this house so I know that it would look good on me. Plus my furniture would look really good in this living room:

And I wouldn't dare change the perfect shade of red on the front door (is flattery helping me at all?):

or do anything to the kitchen, which would be blasphemy to the two fun-loving foodies who dreamt it up: 

And I would still be able to maintain my tan if this were my backyard: 

I'm assuming that Stef wouldn't trade me this house for anything, but I'd like to put this offer on the table: I have a brand-new pair of snakeskin sling-backs that would look a-MAY-zing on you - what do you say? 

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