I Could Live Here: Down and Out in Atherton

Perhaps you've seen this $15M estate in Atherton, but get a load of the bargain across the street! 

On the market since 2008, the 1909 Hopkins McNear estate in Atherton is 17,000 square feet of impeccable design. Built as a wedding gift from E.W. Hopkins to his daughter Georgiana, the house is a rare piece of Bay Area history that puts some of Newport, R.I.'s finest estates to shame (sorry, Mom). Most amazing, however, is that this stunning period piece was updated to the hilt by the superstar duo of designer Orlando Diaz-Azcuy and builder Ryan Associates. Originally listed at over $23 million, we can all thank the vertiginous economy for bringing it down to the merely stratospheric asking price of $14.9M. HOWEVER, if that still seems a bit out of range, fear not. The house across the street has just gone on the market and it's got real potential. At 2,550 square feet, 75 Parkwood Drive will never be a Hopkins or a McNear - it's a little more like Bette Midler in Down and Out in Beverly Hills, she's fabulous but could use a reality check - but it's a helluva lot cheaper at $2.65 million.

Let's compare the outrageous fortune (see Bette Midler) of Hopkins McNear to the diamond-in-the-rough across the street: 

While the Hopkins built their manse on two bucolic acres at 60 Parkwood Drive: 

 75 Parkwood has 1.12 acres of trees, too!

And in lieu of this "formal living room accented with Murano glass chandelier:"

The seating across the street seems much more, umm, inviting.

For the warm texture of wood, Hopkins offers this "SoHo-like loft office with project area and pyramid skylights:" 

But what 1909 estate offers a kitchen that is essentially all your favorite Nick at Night shows wrapped up into one?

The best parts of Hopkins are some of the turn-of-the-century luxuries, like a master suite including two full baths:

When I think about it though, a hot tub two steps from my bed enclosed in a solarium would be way more fun.

And really, who needs a covered loggia overlooking your pool and grounds?

When you can have a curvy pool slide in your backyard?!?!

I think i've made my point.



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