I Could Live Here: Diane Keaton's house

Diane Keaton's 1920s house in Beverly Hills is the perfect Spanish Colonial Revival, and now it's listed for $2M less. 

I'm a big fan of Diane Keaton, and not just because of Annie Hall; Baby Boom is right up there near the top of my movie list (tied with Working Girl, i think). But I'm also a fan of Diane Keaton as a real person. I love that she dresses modestly in suits and wears gloves and hats to award shows, amid a bronze sea of skin and shellacked side-parts. She seems brilliant yet batty—one of my favorite combos—and she's dated a broad range of personalities (Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, Al Pacino) so she's clearly liberal-minded. She's a huge fan of design, particularly rustic vintage stuff and historic California architecture (me too!) and she co-wrote a book called California Romantica, which has a terrible cover but is actually quite good.

Plus she loves to renovate old Spanish houses. And the latest is not only an amazing makeover story,  but now available at the reduced price of $10.95 million. According to Curbed LA, she bought it in 2007 for $8.1 and listed it a year ago at $12.99 but took it off the market for the winter. Now it's back on the market and I have to say that if eight figures were in my real estate price range, I'd totally be living at 820 N Roxbury Drive in the 90210. 

 The 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival, which she and her longtime designer Stephen Shadley restored to perfection, is 9,000 square feet centered around a classic inner courtyard. According to an Architectural Digest feature, which ran in November 2008 (not to be confused with all of their other collaborations which have run in AD), Keaton and her designer not only restored the original textures and materials of the Spanish Colonial Revival but modernized the kitchen and added more archways, including the gigantic front door that opens into a libarary:

...which leads to a jaw-dropping Spanish style dining room:

And on one side of the courtyard is this massive modern kitchen: 

Along with a former loggia they enclosed to make this killer office (love the clock!):

Alas, my budget is not seven figures at the moment, so I'll have to live out my Diane Keaton dreams by inheriting a baby and moving to the country to make applesauce. So, don't be surprised if you find me doing this in a Ukiah grocery store: 




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