I Could Live Here: Hottest Rentals in Hollywood

Forget Chateau Marmont, the newest place to see and be seen is the historic Hollywood Tower apartments. Remember that rainy-day recess game M.A.S.H. (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House)? It was a fortune-telling game that declared which boy you'd marry, where you'd live, what you'd drive and how many kids you'd have. While my 11-yr-old self would be crushed to know that Jason Bateman and I did not have 5 children and that I drive a gray hatchback instead of a white corvette, my 34-yr-old self is quite proud to have lived in all of my top 4 cities (L.A., SF, NY and London) and every type of house.

When I lived in L.A., I resided in a tiny mildew-y apartment on a walkway street in Venice and I believe my room was actually a porch, but if I had the chance to do it again, I'd go for an apartment in the newly renovated Hollywood Tower. The 1929 French Normandy-style building used to be an extended-stay hotel for movie stars in town shooting, but it's been transformed into apartments available for 6-12 month lease (studios start at $1400/month). Officially a historic landmark, the Hollywood Tower was restored to it's original glory and an adjacent brand-new apartment building was added across the way, to offer more modern living options (where a 2 bedroom goes for up to $3,000/month). But the crowning glory of both buildings are three rooftop decks designed by Shawn Hausman featuring lounge areas, dining spaces and a pool surrounded by cheerful vintage furniture, an outdoor spinning studio and "the largest outdoor Twister game" (in the world? I'm awaiting more details on this claim). Indoors, shared spaces include a billiards room, a dog run and something called a "jam room acoustic speakeasy" (huh?). Have a look: 

This is definitely the kind of pad you go for if you're looking to party. Not exactly my scene now nowadays but my middle-school self would have LOVED the idea of playing giant twister on my Hollywood roof deck with Jason Batemen... okay, I like that idea, too. 

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