I Could Live Here: Sequoyah Country Club circa 1960

With mortgage rates so low, it's time to check out some homes I could actually buy... or not.

With rates for 30-year fixed mortgages as low as 4.75%, I'm starting to really hate myself for skimping on my saving program during these past few lean years, though my finance friends assure me that finding a lender right now is barely worth the trouble. So I've started a very preliminary search. While there are few roomy single-family houses at prices within my reach, there are a couple nice condos. But I've gotten very used to my indoor/outdoor rental, so I'm holding out for something with a lawn, a laundry room and a garage, you know, the quintessential American dream. So I expanded my search around the Bay and found myself visiting some bucolic neighborhoods built upon midcentury dreams gone by: Terra Linda in San Rafael, Linda Mar down by Pacifica and finally a funny enclave in Oakland called Sequoyah Heights. And that is where I found this little gem, a 1960 Ranch House at 25 Donna Way

It has my two favorite things: brick walls and wood paneling (though I'm not so sure about the adjacent combo) and my two least favorite things (aluminum windows and carpeting). The only thing updated here is the kitchen, which looks at though it was overhauled in 1987.

The whole house would be easy enough to update with a few minor tweaks to kitchen and bathrooms. But I think I'd take the opportunity to live for a while with the now-historic living room, where I would listen to my built-in Hi-Fi and pretend I'm Betty Draper from Mad Men (smoking whilst braiding my too-old-for-a-lisp daughter's hair). In fact, it would be a crime to do anything to this most awesome feature: 


I dunno, though, despite the lawn, the laundry room and the garage, I'm still not sure I should invest all my savings into a house that looks like a period set design. If there was a Don Draper thrown in, however, I might reconsider. 



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