I Could Live Here: Turks and Caicos Villa

I know I'm usually a fairly modest girl when it comes to the type of real estate I dream about, and yes, last week I lambasted Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's obscene Bel Aire manse (but largess and luxury was the least of the its problems). But this week I am completely spent from an insanely busy and stressful week, and honestly, I just want the entire staff of Downton Abbey to wait on me hand and foot. And forget England, with its "winter" and "rain"—I'm choosing Turks and Caicos for my luxury getaway. 


First of all, let me say that it's hard to find a multi-million-dollar beachfront mansion that isn't hideous, and second, I realize I expect a different aesthetic from my waterfront property than I do my urban lofts, so I was surprisingly charmed by some of the Caribbean Colonial details of this residence, dubbed "Amazing Grace." As with almost anything on the market, the furniture all has to go, but the clean marble floors and exposed wood ceilings, both in the same bleached color of the 280 feet of white sand beach that the house sits on, make a classic backdrop that I could dress up with beach-friendly, bohemian-modern pieces.  I would bus in mosquito-netted beds, plenty of hammocks and roving vintage bar carts stocked with sugar cubes, limes, mint and gin. 


I would ditch the chintz curtains for something more white and gauzy, but keep the robin's-egg blue shutters. I actually like the idea of antique chandeliers in the high-ceilinged living room, but would make them a little larger, more dramatic. I know I should be thinking about specific furniture choices and whether or not I would switch out the beach chairs, but that sea, sand and sky look so lovely I really can't be bothered to care. I'd hire a chef, a stable of house keepers—perhaps even a ladies maid and a valet. The only WiFi I would need would be for my Kindle and I might even trade my iPhone for an old school rotary. The thought of guests having to leave notes with the butler and not constantly be in the know about everyone else's whereabouts is completely appealing to me right now. 


The price of this 11,000-square-foot slice of paradise? $145.5 million. Five bedrooms, five baths, one killer pool and spa and your very own piece of Grace Bay. Right now, it all sounds completely worth it to me.

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