I Could Live Here: Luxe Malibu Rental

I'm based in San Francisco, but often spend at least one week every month in Los Angeles for work. For extended trips, I've long given up on hotel stays, and instead opt for renting a house or apartment. I don't end up working from a king-sized bed, I can actually cook for myself, and if I get a 2-or-3-bedroom place, I'll even invite some of my favorite coworkers to join me, which the CFO really likes (and could make for one heck of a reality show).

When picking a house to stay at (I typically use Airbnb or VRBO), my main criteria are style, price and location. This house would most definitely get docked price and location points, but would pretty much make up for it in every other category. It's perched right on the beach in Malibu and features 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms (at least a one-to-ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms is a must when renting for coworkers and myself. I don't like anyone except my husband that much). 

I perused quite a few beach-front rentals, and it turns out that like their luxury wooded counterparts, it's tough to find one with the type of clean, livable style I prefer. This one fits the bill with its simple, almost farmhouse-inspired architecture and lovely contrast of light-colored wood and white walls on the interior. 

The front opens up to a deck with loungers, a spa and an unbeatable view of the ocean, which laps all of about 10 feet from the deck's glass walls. The back of the house also has a great grass-covered space for al fresco dining and napping in the sun (but being that I'm working, there will of course be no napping for me). 

The furnishings look sleek yet comfy—that ocean-blue sofa would be a much better place to answer emails that the aforementioned hotel bed. And with that kitchen, just one trip to the grocery store will keep me in tea, granola, fresh salads and chilled white wine (the editor's diet) for the length of my trip. 

Love the bunk-beds, if only for the jokes it would surely inspire of which members of the sales team would be paired up and relegated to them. 

Looks like there's even an in-home gym, but really who needs an elliptical when a run on the beach will do the trick? 

But of course, even in dreamy posts like this, there's always a reality to contend with. In this case, the Malibu location is almost a greater deterrence than the price tag ($175,000 per month, or about $44,000 per week—I pretty sure even my reduced restaurant receipts wouldn't help this one fly past our accounting department). Staying nearby to wherever the majority of my appointments are is key in Los Angeles, and that's why for my weeklong trip next week, I booked a well-designed 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom in West Hollywood, about 5 blocks from the Pacific Design Center. Sure, it lacks a spa and gym, but the owner did offer to loan me a bicycle, so I may get to skip the car commute all together. Priceless

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