Design Destination: Meet The PANTONE HOTEL

Any designer or design enthusiast would let you know that PANTONE has been a guiding force in many big life decisions. Their rainbow of swatches, memorable names, and yearly colors have served not only as a designer's roadmap, but a designer's companion, traveling with them through the many stages of design. Well, design-duo Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert, have suggested a new way to travel with PANTONE. Cue the PANTONE Hotel, an ultra-bright boutique hotel in Brussels.

Without question, the hotel takes a fresh approach to hospitality design. Located in the city center (near Avenue Louise and all of the wonderful shops), The PANTONE HOTEL stands tall with an exterior that mirrors a PANTONE swatch—white, black trim, bold color squares marked by translucent balconies. The inside is similar. Pennerman and Hannaert opted for a crisp white canvas which would allow rich color choices to pop.

The lobby space features a combination of shapes and colors including an amoeba-shaped ceiling panel that plays against an angular reception desk, all stark white and aqua-hued and concrete pillars. Sprinkled around the place as well is art, but all PANTONE-centric art, naturally. Along with the unique ceiling, the glass doors offering a wave of natural light, and the brazen red couch and crimson colored floor squares are bicycles...PANTONE bikes for you to toll around the city.

The colorful pillars carry on to the lounge area, where modular seating makes a debut in the brightest of colors. And should you want to heighten the whole color experience, The PANTONE Hotel features a rooftop that’s laced with oversized orange and yellow pillows, artificial grass, and lush city views.


The designers made the decision to use colors that evoked strong emotion and it’s clear that they’ve done just that as hallways are illuminated in warm colors, doors are often covered with vivid pops of color, and each guestroom floor is done up in a way that fits your mood, bright and bold or subdued and relaxed.

Guestrooms are equipped with modern luxuries including TVs, Wifi, beautiful photographic art from Belgian photographer, Victor Levy, undoubtedly comfortable beds and pillows and views of Brussels that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

The unique contrast of The PANTONE HOTEL allows guests to tap into their imagination while away from home. It’s a little bit of wonder, a little bit of design, and a whole world of color.

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