Design Destination: Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Let’s paint a picture. It’s a poolside picture where the sun strikes the rippled aqua pool water and kisses warm wooden lounge chairs with plush towels draped over them. In the picture we’ll add sky-high palm trees, a delicate mist carrying from the ocean into this vignette, and you.  

Welcome the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica. And yes, it’s magical here.


Though the hotel has stood tall for ages and even boasts an age-old massive Moreton Bay Fig Tree at its entry, the property has a fresh, new addition that’s worth talking about, Bungalow One.

A luxurious space that aptly captures the Hollywood-royalty hideaway vibe, Bungalow One is the concept and design project of designer, Michael Berman. And though you’re just steps from the beach, you may not want to leave Berman’s three bedroom, three bathroom, million-dollar creation.


While you hear “bungalow” and think quaint or understanded, this locale is anything but. Relax on the 1,000 square foot patio that opens up the the Miramar gardens and lavish pool space or open the double doors to let the fresh Santa Monica breezes blow inside as you sip a summery cocktail. Sounds divine, right?

Well, to match those elements of divinity is top-notch design. Michael Berman brought the beach indoors with rustic reclaimed headboards and other seaside inspiration that airs on the side of opulent. The rich palette mirrors the beauty outside as well, as he opted for cool gray-blues and neutrals with deep blues and chartreuse. The theme of beachy-luxe is heavy throughout with custom, bird-shaped lighting, a host of textures to offset the tones and art...a lot of art. Berman thought it best to utilize local-inspired, vintage art as a homage to the neighboring community and to carry on the undeniably strong Mid-century influence that’s evident throughout the property.

So now, the picture is painted. Can you see yourself in it? 

For pricing and availability, please visit the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows' website

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