Staycation: Insider's Guide to Los Angeles

LA has long been celebrated for its star-studded culture, palm trees, and almost perfect weather. It is a place where in a typical day, a local can squeeze in a high-profile lunch, perhaps a rooftop sunbathing session, then finish the day with a film opening. Traditionally, most Angelenos are concerned with picking the best route to avoid traffic on the 405 rather than curating their art
collection . . . but that’s changing. LA is quickly transforming into a hotbed for the arts, beckoning international artists and patrons to switch coasts, trading in skyscrapers for clear skies.

STAY . . . at the Line Hotel

The Lobby at the Line Hotel

Since opening in 2014, the Line Hotel has stood out from the rest. Designed by Sean Knibb, the hotel is a captivating combination of modern interiors, art deco architecture, and local influences. With sweeping views of LA courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling windows flanked by concrete patterned wallpaper, the Koreatown Mid-century marvel showcases art, from LA artists such as Claire Oswalt and Kevin Hanley.


EAT . . . at Ramen Champ

Ramen Champ

What was once a budget meal is now the hippest dinner in town. Forgoing foie gras for noodles, the fresh Chinatown eatery Ramen Champ is as serious about food as it is about art. The open-kitchen restaurant, brought to you by Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan, features a long list of noodles, 22 seats, granite countertops, jacket hooks, and utterly impressive graphic wall art by New York artist Mike Houston.


SHOP . . . at Church Boutique 

Church Boutique

Aside from showcasing a collection of the most Avant-garde fashion in town, Church Boutique offers visual splendor as soon as you walk through the doors. Featuring paintings by LA artist Retna,
vintage sculptures, and more.


A Local’s Perspective from Artist Patrick Martinez

Artist Patrick Martinez

Born and bred in the heart of LA, artist Patrick Martinez is known for mixing the city’s pop culture references with fine art techniques. He is currently working on his next solo exhibit at the New Image Art in West Hollywood. We asked Martinez to share his artistic view of the City of Angels. 

WHAT DO YOU SEE HAPPENING NOW IN THE LA ART SCENE? New Abstract is hot now in LA like everywhere else, but the great thing about LA that I really love to embrace is everyone has their own visual vocabulary. Influences and trends might be similar, but artists are establishing their own aesthetics, so you see trends in contemporary aesthetics come and go. 

WHICH LA ARTISTS HAVE PAVED THE WAY FOR THE UP-AND-COMERS? People that have their own original voice—artists like Ed Ruscha, Mary Weatherford, Gajin Fujita, Barbara Kruger, Mark Bradford, John Baldessari, and many more.

 WHY ARE ARTISTS ABLE TO THRIVE IN LA? There is so much room to grow in LA and so much inspiration. Everyone thinks of LA as Hollywood, but that is just one small aspect of our city. 

 HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? The aesthetic is a touch of kitsch with sophistication, a balance of both. It’s as if San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles go to Beverly Hills for a visit. Sort of the gem you find at the swap meets California is so known for. 

 TOP 3 MUST-VISIT PUBLIC ART OR GRAFFITI SPACES IN LA?  -Andrew Schoultz’s mural on 7th and Imperial -Jonas Wood’s mural at LAXART -The El Mac and Retna collaboration wall in Skid Row


TOP 3 MUST-VISIT GALLERIES IN LA? David Kordansky GalleryRegen ProjectsL.A. Louver

MOST ARTISTIC HOTEL IN LA? The Ace Hotel in downtown. I saw Murakami hanging out there one night.




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