Design Destination: The Talented Mr. Malin

Triptych of Amalfi.

Champagne in Capri.

Considered Italy’s most scenic coastline, this desirable destination houses a number of romantic hotels, magical markets full of handmade goods, and no-frill restaurants with the freshest cuisine. The palatial mountains that dive dramatically into the sea, lined with picturesque moments, create a heavenly setting that only dreams are made of. Check out the full feature in our summer issue!

Amalfi swimmers.

Malin shooting in Positano.

“Upon arriving in Salerno, we drove north along the small coastal highway,” says photographer Gray Malin. “Winding around steep curves, you never know what vehicle is approaching. As you turn a corner, there could be a person, a Vespa, or a gigantic tour bus. We first drove to the small town of Vietri sul Mare, which had a beautiful small beach packed with locals. The weather was perfect and we found a great vantage point at the end of the beach atop large cliffs. The beauty of this area is so magnificent. It’s as stunning from the bottom up as it is from the top down.”

Triptych of Amalfi.

Champagne in Capri.

“We then traveled to the town of Praiano, which is near a very unique beach named Fiordo di Furore, nestled below a bridge. Our guide, Giuseppe, turned off the engine and jumped in the water to pull the boat, while swimming, into the narrow beach between the rocks, just below the bridge.”

Amalfi coast boats.

“The next beach we stopped at, La Fontelina Capri, was more of a beach club that was recommended to me by the lovely Trina Turk. When I got off the boat, I was not only in complete awe of the beautiful umbrellas and view, but in love with how gorgeous the people were. It was like every celebrity from every international country was lying out in one place. Every person was more beautiful than the next.”

Atriani chairs and umbrellas.

“We had to stop by the Marina Grande to shoot as well, but the real gem was a rocky beach club we discovered at the tip of the island by the lighthouse, Faro di Punta Carena. I popped out of the boat and scaled the rocks like a pirate. Once I climbed to the top, I was able to capture dozens of people jumping off the cliffs next to the beach club into the small bay. It was magical.”

Divers in Capri.


  • FAVORITE SPOT TO WATCH A SUNSET: Hotel Le Terrazze’s rooftop cocktail bar boasts some of the best views of the Amalfi Coast, accompanied by a chic atmosphere.
  • FAVORITE NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANT: Da Vincenzo is the perfect place to sit outside and absorb the Positano life. You will no doubt feel as if you are an extra in “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”
  • FAVORITE SPOT FOR A DAY TRIP: Take a short ferryride to the island of Capri and spend an afternoon frolicking in the sun and the island’s blue waters.

Cetara Amalfi diptych.

Cinque Terre yellow umbrellas.

Cinque Terre.

Amalfi triptych.



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