Design Destination: Guacalito de la Isla

If you've always been drawn to the dramatic landscapes like volcanoes, lakes, jungles and pristine beaches, then a trip to Guacalito de la Isla Mukul Resort ought to be added to your travel list.




The resort is deep rooted in what  makes us feel good and and history. Dating back 135 years, Mukul was erected by Carlos Pellas, who was committed to creating a special place for friends and family to enjoy and experience a true sense of togetherness. And that same spirit carries on today.




From arrival to departure, the place feels like a fantasy. Designed in the most authentic fashion, the intimate resort, home to only 37 decadent villas, bohios and a single residence, Casona Don Carlos features rich furnishings from local Nicaraguan artisans. That means each piece on the property has a unique quality that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.




Outdoor communal spaces are aptly outfitted in beautiful rattan chandeliers that allow light to dance around and highlight the craftsmanship of teak tables and rum barrels staves. Take note of the thatched roofs and the fact that every seat in the house has prime ocean views.



Sleeping quarters are literally where dreams are made. Their beachy vibes and calming aesthetic are evident through linen drapes, headboards made from pure sugarcane twigs, decadent lounge chairs and windows that look out to the Emerald Coast. Some of the bohios even feature private spa decks.








In between marveling over the decor or taking to the white sand beaches to lie on a decadent daybed, Mukul offers wildly delicious cuisine at their signature restaurant La Mesa, spa treatments that draw from the surrounding natural elements, golf, where the 18th hole spills right onto the beach, hiking, horseback riding and more.




There's no shortage of rich activity or beauty at Mukul. It's a place where dreaming stops and living begins.


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