Design Destination: Trader Beaux: Behomm Home Exchange For The Aesthetically Driven


If you love design, you're moved by the beauty of your environment: the way a restaurant plates their food, how the twist of a belt finishes off an outfit, the simple typeface on your favorite yoghurt. And, when you travel, you bring this finely tuned sensibility with you.  You want to stay in a place that's as beautiful as the home you're leaving behind.   

Behomm understands that. The two-year old home exchange community is aimed at “creatives and design lovers” alike, from architects to photographers to interior designers and stylists (although anyone with a beautifully-designed space is encouraged to join). 

The site was founded by Agust Juste and Eva Calduch, two Barcelona-based graphic designers, after the couple spent hours combing through existing home exchange sites in search of an aesthetically appealing spot, disappointed at the available options.  

True creatives, they saw a problem and solved it with the launch of Behomm.  The site vets submissions for inclusion in the network’s portfolio of nearly 2,000 properties in 59 countries, from Paris to New Zealand, Australia to Iceland, Los Angeles to Copenhagen. 


While not all of the website’s members are creative professionals, “our members share a similar passion for beauty and tasteful things”, the couple write in their opening statement.  

After requesting an invitation, prospective members submit photos of their home which Juste and Calduch then review. 

Unlike AirBnB, no money is exchanged; the transaction is one gorgeous space for another — whether for a day, a weekend, a week, a month or longer — in a place that’s as aesthetically pleasing and as well taken care of as your own.  To request an invitation go to Behomm


photos: Barcelona, Spain ID31; Barcelona, Spain ID677; Barcelona, Spain ID743; Berlin, Germany ID811; Brooklyn, NY ID217 designed by Ksensay Samarskaya; Grimetown, Sweden ID1087, photo by Marcus Lawett; Grissons, Switzerland ID676; Istanbul,Turkey ID191; Catalonia, Spain ID1922, photo by Michele Curel; Wisconsin, USA ID499

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