Save The Date: The Opening of Christopher Kennedy's Palm Springs Pad

























We are thrilled to announce in partnership with ATG Stores and Modernism Week the upcoming debut of Christopher Kennedy's new Palm Springs Pad. Known for hosting Modernism's Week's annual showcase compound, Kennedy and his partner recently relocated to a townhome closer to Downtown Palm Springs. "As much I loved living on the golf course, I was ready for a change. With my work and travel schedule, I needed to simplify" says Christopher "We only downsized by a few hundred square feet, but it really caused me to evaluate my possessions and lifestyle."  

Kennedy partnered with Ferguson, ATG and more, to update the ten-year old property with current products and technologies that accommodate a modern desert lifestyle. "To me, this move exemplifies the principles of modernism: doing more with less; surrounding yourself with fewer things; embracing technology; having a place for everything and everything in its place. Its been a breath of fresh air." 

On October 21 ATG Stores and California Home + Design will host a kick-off party opening the doors of the new posh pad, to industry leaders and design enthusiasts. Tours will continue throughout the weekend. Stay tuned for expanded coverage here on California Home + Design. CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase tickets. 


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