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The question of where to meet someone for cocktails is often cause for consternation. Where’s a place where the drinks are great, the presentation is beautiful, the atmosphere is inviting and the decor is elegant, even a little bit glamorous?

The aptly named Bibo Ergo Sum is the answer. Translating to “I drink, therefore I am,” it’s an apt descriptor of the revivifying power of a well-made cocktail at the end of a long work day. Especially one that's served in a space as beautiful as this one. Talk about a Hollywood moment!

Owned by LA-native Tait Forman, whose family owns the Arclight and Pacific Theatres. In fact, it’s Forman who’s resonsible for launching the popular cocktail program at the Arclight Theatres. So, it’s no wonder that the menu is washed with a wave of cinema. The current itinersation, inspired by The Prestige, the cocktail program is broken into three sections inspired by the three components of a magic trick: the Pledge, theTurn, and of course, the Prestige, with the offerings running the gamut from the simple and classic to the intriguing and even avant-garde. 

A rust red door outlined in black within Robertson Plaza, invites you into the cinematic space, designed by New York-based Home Studios, who also designed Gwen Restaurant. With its ribbed surfaces, pastel colored resin and curvaceous details, the interior’s references range from 1900s Vienna, vintage French film posters, Alvar Aalto, Art Deco and Memphis that, like the bar’s carefully balanced cocktails not only works but delights the senses.

From the banquettes with their channel tufted cushions, the Millennial pink walls, curved molding and the tube lighting, this is a setting made for the age of Instagram. The answer is perfect. 

Bibo Ergo Sum, 116 N. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

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