Out On The Town: Design In The Digital Age Discussion At WestWeek 2015

All photos courtesy of: Evan Koester from Crestron 

Each panelist shared their own use of individual platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, as well as reminding the audience of the importance in considering both blogs as well as magazines, such as California Home + Design’s online presence, when pitching their work.

As an interior designer and blogger, Jennifer Mehditash was able to lead the conversation and Q&A session while sharing her own experience of creating a bi-coastal design business and taking on the role at California Home + Design through her own blog and online presence, Dec-a-Porter.

Christian May shared the importance of reminding his followers of what he does and who he is on a day to day business through images through various mediums. Jaime Derringer, from the highly acclaimed online resource Design Milk (with a reach of over 4 million followers daily), brought it home to the audience with a reminder on the importance of pitching their products and design to sites such as hers while remaining cognizant of whether or not their design aesthetic matches those of the publication.

Brendan Ravenhill’s studio has been able to expand its scope of products while pushing the boundaries of design through every resource the digital age provides. While communicating with factories across the globe, 3D printing, and collaborating with other creatives', he's been able to achieve things not possible before these technological advancements. Interior designers in the audience, with their own ever-growing design capabilities, could relate as they too outsource and provide design services with ease in today’s market.

Justina Blakeney, while championing her use of both Pinterest and Instagram, has been able to grow her own blog, The Jungalow, into a business that provides styling collaborations with national brands such as West Elm, Anthropologie, and more. As one of the BETA users of Pinterest, and her skillful use of methodically planned out images, displaying her signature Bohemian style have garnered her over 1.2 million followers.