Secret Sources: Lynn K. Leonidas Of Lynn K. Leonidas Design & Decoration

When designing the Castro apartment that she and her husband call home, Lynn revised the existing static floorplan to accommodate the young couple’s love of entertaining and work needs. Updating inherited and outdated finishes with new fixtures, hardware, and wallcoverings, the designer brought the space to life with vintage and antique furnishings layered with textiles, tables, and lamps for a warm, romantic feel. The result is a modern apartment that highlights functional multi-use rooms with graphic artwork and heirloom pieces. Below the designer has shared some of her favorite stores in both San Francisco and Los Angeles that inspired her home’s chic sensibility.


Bell’Occhio, San Francisco 

A charming gift shop located off of Market Street, Bell’Occhio is a magical example of the transformative power of pure decoration. I adore the shop’s collection of specialty ribbonerie, stocking vintage ribbon and thread used to trim the wrapped parcels the shopkeepers so lovingly prepare for their clients.


Franciscan Interiors, San Francisco

Franciscan Interiors is my secret source for all custom soft goods fabrication. Located in the Bayshore manufacturing district, this is a family-owned workroom whose expertise in upholstery and window treatments is so knowledgeable and generous. I feel comfortable bringing my clients to learn about what goes in their furniture and to proudly prove to them why we support local manufacturers.


Iko Iko, Los Angeles

Iko Iko is a concept store operating in the top floor of a warehouse located on the fringe of Chinatown. The permanent retail residents are the accessories makers Building Block, clothing line Rowena Sartin, and furniture maker Waka Waka. Coming to this transitional part of town and ascending the walk-up to this bright, airy space is a playful, perception-changing experience.


Outfit Home, Los Angeles

Outfit Home in Hollywood is a newly-opened storefront for an interior design company headed by Alison Koch. This small but mighty shop sells a reachable mix of vintage and new furnishings, all expertly selected and positioned around minimal framed works by contemporary artists. I’m impressed with their aesthetic of luxury craftsmanship with attainable materials and appreciate their keen styling eye.


Matin, Online

Matin is a private gallery and workshop from Los Angeles brought to us by Robert and Christina Odegard. Know for carrying pieces by notable artists Donald Judd and John Pawson, their entire selection of sculpted ceramics and furnishings are beautifully inspired and hard to find elsewhere. Currently, the Matin inventory can only be seen by chance at trade shows, so I continually check back online and dream.


Burkelman, Online

Burkelman is a store in Hudson Valley, New York, and online it is one of my first destinations when sourcing home accessories for clients. In a sea of online retail shops with inventory that is all too similar, Burkelman’s staying power is in their distinctive taste which is hard to pinpoint. Their selection is rustic, modern, and luxurious without being devoid of decoration or color.