The 10 Best and Worst Designed Products on Kickstarter is a platform for entrprenuers, orgs, artists, and inventors to promote product or buisiness ideas, and then be "backed" by others that believe in their cause. Some of the most successful projects have raised over $300K to start their business, while others don't fair quite so well. 

By Arwen Petty
Photo credit: Kickstarter
1. BAD: Magic Cooking Gloves

The functionality of these Magic Cooking Gloves is clear, but we're seriously questioning the design. There's something a little unsettleing about the webbed finger pockets and the wrist protector has a certain "Fantasia" feel to it. Would you really want these taking up tons of room in your custom cabinets? High-tech doesnt have to mean wacky design.

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2. GOOD: Studio H at REALM Charter School

Studio H is an academic program that teaches high school students how to construct buildings their community can use. They are currently partnering with REALM Charter School in Berkeley and want to teach a class of kids how to build their own classroom out of discarded shipping containers!

The picture is from a former project where they helped students design and build a 200-square-foot farmer's market in rural North Carolina. If the classrooms proposed in Berkeley look anything like their former projects, we're all in! 

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3. BAD: Belted Waist Bags

All euphemisms aside, let's call a spade a spade - it's still a fannypack

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4. GOOD: Soma

First off, how gorgeous is this water filter's sleek design? It's definitely something we would love to display in our kitchen. Now for the techie part - the water filter is made of Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk, and food-based plastic and fresh filters arrive at your door via a subscirption service. Gorgeous, eco-friendly and super convenient - doesn't get much better. 

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5. BAD: 99 Designs inCork

We appreciate inCork's mission to find, "new and better ways to use natural cork to benefit the arts and the environment," but this is one craft project that could never be mistaken for high-design. 

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6. GOOD: Suzak Chair

Think of portable chairs - are you invisioning hideous tarp camping chairs with mesh drink holders too? The Suzak chair folds up to about the same size, but looks way better while doing it. We're not completely smitten with the futuristic design, but it's still a sigificant improvement on the current alternative. 

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7. BAD: The Bullpooper

The sweet face and rose hair of this happy Evelyn Ackerman-esque bull do totally charm us, and we totally appreciate the project's goal of bringing fun to the bathroom, but the nose-ring toilet paper holder and odd placement (mouth area?) of the actual toilet paper is a little disgusting when you really look at it. A cutie-pie bull deserves better. 

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8. GOOD: Closet Monsters

There have been a lot of rumblings over the last few years about the death of the traditional book and all of the wonderful things that come with it -- but as long as people like Jason Felix exist, we're not worried. This gorgeous children's book about the hidden monsters in our world is more than just a witty plotline; it oozes artistry in the vein of adorably morbid legends Edward Gorey and Tim Burton.

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9. BAD: Puking Kitty Sauce Boat

We get it - it's supposed to be gross. And we do like the sleek shape and modern design of the cat itself. But watch this "puking kitty" in action and we promise it will actually turn your stomach. 

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10: GOOD: Aervine

A product that combines a corkscrew and wine aerator, eliminating the need for different gadgets, all wrapped up in a totally chic, burnished metal package? Why didn't we think of that!

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