10 Gorgeous Books from Our Favorite Design Blogs

Design blogs inspire us, make us laugh, and fill our internet hours with new, innovative ideas. Although we're a huge fan of the digital format, it's wonderful to be able to have our favorite blogs in book form too. They make gorgeous display items, and there's something special about being able to dog-ear pages and make notes in the margins. 

By Rachel Amy Shahvar
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Design*Sponge at Home

The wildly popular interior design blog Design*Sponge is finally in book form, and it does not disappoint. This design bible has everything - DIY projects, Before & Afters, Apartment Tours, and even a chapter on flower arranging. Amazon, $35. 

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The Sprouted Kitchen

Sara Forte's recipes are not only healthful, fresh, and organic, but they look like incredible pieces of art too. The book is worth purchasing just for the gorgeous food photography, even if you never step foot in the kitchen. Amazon, $25. 

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Cupcakes and Cashmere

Based on Emily Schuman's blog of the same name, this little gem is chock-full of interior design and party planning tips, along with fashion and beauty ideas. The content is relatively basic, but her photographs are all lush, lovely, and totally girly. Barnes&Noble, $19.95. 

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The Selby Is In Your Place

Created by Todd Selby, TheSelby began as a blog featuring photographs of creative people in their personal spaces, along with accompanying illustrations. Just like the blog, his book is intimate, incredibly intriguing, and totally artistic. Amazon, $35. 

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Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love

Since 2007, Sherry and John Petersik have been doling out low-budget design tips, DIY projects, and sharing their mis/adventures with remodeling their own home on their blog. They compiled the best of the best in their newly published book. Amazon, $25.95. 

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Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

The beloved blog Apartment Therapy put together all their best tips on making the most of small spaces. We love how they steer clear of generic, general information and instead speak to a design savvy audience, relaying thoughtful, innovative, and totally on-trend information. Amazon, $30. 

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Suri's Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood's Little Sweetheart

Suri's Burn Book is told from the perspective of Katie Holms and Tom Cruise's infamous daughter. She's snarky, sarcastic, and WAY more design savvy than any of us will ever be. Amazon, $12.95. 

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Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Deb Pearlman's first book combines everything great about her blog - delicious recipes, gorgeous photos, and hilarious insights into her life- in one lovely package. The photos of her tiny NY kitchen are charming, and we love the entertaining stories she sprinkles throughout. Amazon, $35. 

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The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman started out taking photos of painfully fashionable passers-by on the streets of New York. Now TheSartorialist is a world-wide phenomena, and his book features images of beautifully dressed people from across the globe. Amazon, $25. 

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Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration and Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration

Style Me Pretty is THE wedding blog, filled with posts about real wedding and themed ideas. Their book chronicles the special touches a bride and groom can include to make the big day even more visually stunning. Amazon, $30. 

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