12 Charming 'Thank You' Cards

Getting invited to parties and recieving lots of gifts sure is fun, but writing "Thank You" notes... not so much. Make the most of your good manners and nice penmanship by nabbing one of these charming cards that anyone would be excited to see delivered to their mailbox.  

By Rachel Amy Shahvar
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Old School

Harken back to the paper of your youth with this retro card set. $18 for a set of 6, Paper Pastries

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Mr. Hanks

Give your card recipient a giggle. $5, Blue Barnhouse

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Big Thanks

Sunny yellow and a big, bold font gets the point across. $120 for 75 cards with envelope, RubyPress

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Orange Elephant

The great color combo and hand written font are oh-so charming. $5.50, Egg Press

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Remember the lablemakers of our youth? These guys do! $5, Paper Pastries

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We love the tribal node and cool cut-out. $5, Egg Press

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Simple, sweet, and tres French! $4, PaperandPickles

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It's nice to remember how many different ways there are to say "Thank You." $4, Hammerpress

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Lush Script

This card is pure '80s glam, and we can't get enough. $5, Paper Pastries

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Bottom of My <3

A typography-themed "Thank U" is sweet without being saccharine. $5, BIMPRESSED

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Muchas Gracias

¡En inglés o en español, todavía es el mismo! $3, elephantcastle

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Puppies 'n Cream

If a dainty puppy eating ice cream doesnt scream darling, we don't know what does. $5, Mr. Boddington's Studio

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