12 Modern Menorahs for a Happy Hanukkah

Menorahs have nine candle holders symbolizing the eight nights of Hanukkah, with one extra "helper" candle to light the rest. Traditionally menorahs are shaped like candelabras, but as long as there are nine places to put a candle (or light bulb) anything goes as far as design. Here are 12 of our favorites to celebrate the Festival of Lights!    

By Rachel Amy Shahvar
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Dashing Dachshund

This pup is the perfect shape to carry all nine candles. $120, Jonathan Adler

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Handmade Clay

The color is gorgeous, and we can't get enough of the menorah's handmade, rustic feel. $90, Etsy

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Cast Iron Heavyweight

Simple and very solid, this cast-iron menorah is made in a classic shape but with an integrated tray to collect dripping candle wax. Ingenious. $100, AREWARE

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Electric Kitsch

An electric menorah has great kitsch-factor, not to mention it's also pretty practical. $45, Target

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Pretty Peacock

The rich jewel tones make the menorah feel festive but not too funky. $120, Jonathan Adler

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Glam Glass

A classic shape in a trendy material. What more could you want? $300, ABC Home

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Vinyl Alternative

No room, time, or desire for a real menorah? The decal-kind might not be as bright, but it still does the trick. $22.50, Etsy

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Natural Gold

Platinum and 24K gold come together to create a simple menorah inspired by the beach. $225, Saks Fifth Avenue

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Break Me

On each day of Hanukkah, you snap a candle holder from the bottom of this menorah, and place it above. Although you can only "break" each candle holder once, it can be used year-after-year after all pieces are placed in the top. Plus it's hand-made in Israel! $149, Etsy

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Modern Marble

We love the simple design and gorgeous Carrara marble materiel used here. $275, DWR.  

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Branching Out

Although not technically a "menorah", this candelabra has the perfect number of candles to be used for Hanukkah. $99, West Elm

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Two Faced

Who can resist the charm of these quirky faces?! $295, Jonathan Adler

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