9 Beautiful Home Gadgets Designed To Provide Peace Of Mind

No need to put a damper on your interior design with clunky intercoms, boring keypads, and monitors that are total eyesores. Product designers are introducing a high-style solution to your security needs by creating gadgets designed to protect your loved ones and your home.

By Adriana Angelini
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August Key

August is a battery-operated device that lets you issue keys to family members, guests, and maintenance crews, and keep a log of who has entered and exited the house. We reviewed the novel innovation and explained why it's key for anyone who, well, forgets them. August, $199 

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Day after day, we use design as a means to complete daily tasks. Doorbot instantly turns your doorbell into a video phone call; people who ring your doorbell get connected to your phone. Bonus: if you aren’t home, Doorbot enables you to still “open” your doors. Doorbot, $199

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No need to feel helpess when the one object you never let go of can be turned into your personal bodyguard; this case doubles as a detachable pepper spray. Talk about handy! Spraytect, $39.95

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Any smartphone can use Lockitron through its two-button app, which sends signals to the lock to either open or close your door. The best part? (Besides the juicy aqua hue.) It has Doorbot integration, so you won’t even have to walk to the door to see who your guests are. Lockitron, $179

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This miniature tool (no bigger than a quarter) is a cool little object that allows you to keep tabs on your most loved possessions.  It has motion sensor GPS technology that allows you to track everything from your pet's whereabouts any suspicious movement in your home. Its motion sensor can even alert you if a window is open. Gecko, price upon request.

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Scout is a modern take on home security. This device allows you to turn on lights, open garage doors, or call the police. The key difference is that Scout is an independent device that can be moved anywhere. Plus, its sleek design is easy on the eyes. Scout, $120

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“Drop in anytime, anywhere” is Dropcam’s motto. Set the little camera up in 60 seconds and you can monitor any area. Receive alerts via email or smartphone, view live footage, and talk directly to people, pets, and perhaps the cute new neighbor next door. Dropcam, $149

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Canary is built with multiple sensors that allow you to control home settings like temperature and indoor humidity. It’s basically your home’s immune system, alerting you when something needs to be battled off or protected. We're loving the sleek cylindrical design. Canary, $199

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AGA iTotal Control Cooker

How many times have you run out the door, hoping that you remembered to turn off the stove? Have peace of mind knowing that your appliances are also turned off with this too-good-to-be true stove that powers down with just a text message. With cast-iron good looks in 11 delicious shades, cooking has never put you more at ease.  AGA Living, price upon request.

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