9 Funky Decal Headboards

Big furniture pieces can be a hassle, and maybe not the best investment if you're living in a rental or a few stories up in a city apartment. Although headboards are not a total “necessity”, they do add significant style to a room. So what’s a designer to do?

Before spending the big bucks on a keep-for-life bed frame, why not give a headboard decal a try. They are available in lots of different colors and styles, easy to change up, and a fraction of the traditional piece of furniture. Plus, you might just find you love their fresh, playful look better than the real thing!

By Jessica Schimm
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Unfussy Victorian

This fancy headboard design is fit for modern-day royalty. We like how the elegant, Victorian design steers clear of fussy with thick cut lines and a solid color. Blick, $40.



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Add some texture to your wall with this fun design. The pattern offers a retro-modern look and is a great gender-neutral piece, especially if you’re living with the opposite sex. Blick, $40.

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Apple Green

Although this decal doesn’t have a ton of detail, we dig the intense pop of color it adds to the neutral room. Blick, $40.

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Wrought-Iron Romance

In the mood for romance? A faux wrought-iron decal full of delicate, intricate curls does just that. Dezign, $39.

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Simple and Clean

This decal is all about the white space and a clean look - but it still packs a visual punch! Blick, $40. 

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Tufted headboard

We love how this chic decal offers a unique, tufted look with such a simple silhouette. Room 39, Currently out of stock. 

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The mixture of curly swirls gives this space a light, airy, whimsical feel - almost as if you’re sleeping on the clouds. Etsy, $56. 

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We adore the way this funky, cathedral-inspired decal blends beautiful historical architecture with a more modern bird motif. Blick, $55.

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Considering a more old-fashioned look? Try this decal that channels a simple, vintage style that could be found in your favorite Napa B&B. Blick, $40. 

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