9 Oh-So-Gouda Finds For a Fromage Feast

Let's get fancy with cheese accessories! Whether you are throwing a wine and cheese tasting or bringing bite-sized hors d'oeuvres to a party, a pretty presentation will make your spread the talk of the evening. Pair with salami slices, feta-stuffed olives, and a little vino, and you've got yourself a platter that will Brie disappearing in no time.

By Elysa Hill
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Laminated Teak Wood Cheese Board

Food-safe palm oil coats this teak wood board. It's also eco-friendly - the source of this teak wood utilizes sustainable farming practices. Joy and Revelry, $95

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Imperial Cheese Knives
Silver platters are so yesterday, but how about these gold knives? The 4k gold plated steel utensils are a striking addition to your spread. (Also, definitely obsessed with the cork case!) Anthropologie, $198
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Personalized Cheese Plate

Love this! This charming, rustic sanded oak tree base is hand cut and shellacked. Includes an engraved heart and personalized upon checkout. The Gypsybird Etsy Shop, $40

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Rate Your Cheese Coasters

Two of our favorite things, cheese and letterpress, wrapped up in one lovely package of 5 coasters. Paper Plates Press Etsy Shop, $10

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Jig Candle Holder

A wavy grain pattern highlighted by occasional dark veins is perhaps the wood's most stunning characteristic. Joy and Revelry, $35

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Fromage Cheese Plates

Pair your Gargonzola with these vibrant little platers for a bit of French flair, perfect for serving or dining. Plus, each set comes in an elegant gift box that's a replica of Camembert, a classic cheese made in Normandy. Uncommon Goods, $25/set of 4

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Cheese Paper and Stickers

Fabulous typography, elegant wine graphics, and wood-inspired wrap complements your cheese spread. Comes with coordinating stickers perfect for sealing, labeling, or gifting. Crate and Barrel, $13

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The Cowgirl Party Box

There is nothing quite as exciting as a cheese-party-in-a-box! SF's Cowgirl Creamy brings the fromage celebration to you all nice and neat, complete with a lovely striped wood board! Cowgirl Creamery, $250 (Box: $25)

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Cheese Market Forks

Label that cheese with these unique, classy upcycled forks identifying your favorite variety of Blue, Brie, Colby, Gouda, and Swiss. Hunters and Gatherers, $24

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