Baby, It's Cold Outside: Indoor Entertainment!

By Erin Renzas
Photo credit: Courtesy of Coralie Bickford-Smith
Snuggle Up with a Good Read

Curling up by the fire with a classic read is one of our favorite ways to pass a cold day. These F. Scott Fitzgerald novels may be classics, but their new covers, courtesy of the famed Coralie Bickford-Smith, makes them feel fresh. Coralie Bickford-Smith's F. Scott Fitzgerald Hardback Classics ($20 each at Amazon)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Brooklyn Brew Shop
Brew a Batch

Go old-school and try your hand at crafting your own beer. Don't worry--the one-gallon, all-inclusive kits from the Brooklyn Brew Shop make it simple. We're particularly fond of the Bourbon Dubbel. 1 Gallon Beer Making Kit ($40 at Brooklyn Brew Shop)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Restoration Hardware
Put it in Your Pocket

This compact bocce kit is perfect for using in a hallway or corridor during those rainy days. Six balls, a pallino and measuring cord are included. Pocket Bocce ($15 at Restoration Hardware)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon
Punch n' Play

Keep the kids entertained with this super-cute punch-out animals. Magical Menagerie: 20 Punch-Out Animals for Play and Display ($25 at Amazon)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Impecca
Eco-Conscious Keyboard

If you're like us, winter brings a lot of afternoon settled in front of the computer. Make it more enjoyable with this eco-friendly bamboo keyboard and mouse. Bamboo Custom Carved Designer Keyboard and Mouse Combo ($89.95 at Impecca)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Restoration Hardware
Get a Clue

Take part in a rousing whodunit with a game of Clue. Housed in a cloth-bound book-shaped case, this version features vintage graphics reminiscent of the original 1949 edition. Vintage Bookshelf Clue ($69 at Restoration Hardware)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Tivoli Audio
Listen Up

Get an earful of any radio station near or far with this Tivoli Audio Networks Stereo. Networks Stereo with FM ($500 at Tivoli Audio)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Uncommon Goods
Take a Closer Look

Get in touch with your inner Freud. This deck includes 20 inkblots grounded in the original Rorschach personality test. The included Diagnosis Book, however, is a different story and puts a hilarious twist on the original test. Rorshock! ($15 at Uncommon Goods)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Assouline
Take a Trip

Hours will pass without notice as you page through this impressive chronicle of stunning photographs of the epic Terra Nova Expedition of 1910-1913 to the South Pole. South Pole ($1,050 at Assouline)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Kate Spade
Color Wash

Plain old Dominoes get a flashy update from Kate Spade. Set 'em up and knock 'em down! Dominoes ($35 at Kate Spade)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie
Cool Tunes

If it's too cold to get outside, try bringing the outdoors in. This ashwood turntable is just the place to start! Barky Turntable ($1,298 at Anthropologie)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jonathan Adler
Retirement Chic

Get down like the Palm Beach crowd. This punchy backgammon is just the thing to brighten a dark day. Backgammon Set ($295 at Jonathan Adler)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store
This One's for the Kids

Kids and adults alike will delight in a game of memory featuring classic modern art from the world's most renowned artists. Modern Art Memory Game ($17 at Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Kisok
Make it Stick

Who knew Finland had their own version of darts? Turns out, it's pretty much the same as American darts, but we like the sassy green color of this board from Kiosk. Finnish Dart Set ($52 at Kiosk)

Photo credit: Courtesy of TENOVERSIX
Tiny Reads

Talk about travel-sized! These six boxes may look like cigarettes, but they're actually tiny versions of classic, unabridged literature (think: Heart of Darkness, Metamorphosis, and The Death of Ivan Lynch). Tank Tin of Cig PacksĀ  ($88 at Tenoversix)

Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon
Meet the Other Elvis

Remember those high school days spent playing music all day long? Recreate the experience with the help of the newly-released Elvis Costello box set. The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook ($270 at Amazon)

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