Building Blocks

Lay down a foundation of style with these statement-making pieces from around California.

By Bryan Anthony
Photo credit: Meg O'Halloran
Cultivated Crossing

San Francisco architect and furniture designer Meg O'Halloran doesn't think that the Golden Gate should get all the love: The shape of her Truss chair was inspired by the steel reinforcements of the Bay's less-beloved bridge. "The Bay Bridge is an engineering marvel, and I wanted to pay it some respect," says O'Halloran, whose creation is available in walnut or maple veneer. Given the Bay Bridge's upcoming 75th anniversary and the eastern span's eminent demise, the Truss chair is all the more relevant.

Photo credit: Armani/Casa
French Accent

The Club table and Damasio cabinet by Armani/Casa feature straw-marquetry paneling, a French technique (marqueterie de paille) that was popular in the 1920s and 30s but went out of style due to the labor intensive production process. Stop by the Italian deign's Pacific Design Center to see the aritstry firsthand; Club $38,880, Damasio from $4,295.

Photo credit: Bocci
Grow Light

To create the Series 38 chandelier by Canadian lighting company Bocci, air is forced through large spheres of glass and then intermittently heated and cooled to create cavities large enough to hold soil, succulents and light filiments. Available through San Francisco's Arkitektura-In-Situ; from $3,000,

Photo credit: Design Within Reach
A Legend Reborn

Norman Cherner's original task chair was created in 1958, but it didn't become wildly popular until it appeared on a 1961 cover of the Satuday Evening Post as a part of Norman Rockwell's painting The Artist at Work. The new version with upholsterd seat pads is available at Design Within Reach's nine statewide locations; $1,079,

Photo credit:
Starting from Scratch

Los Angeles artist, designer and songwriter David Palmer has teamed with Canada's Rollout Wallpaper to create an architecurally inspired collection featuring quirky names such as Ballpoint Pen (shown) Busyness and Trickle Down; $10 per sq. ft.,

Photo credit: Cartoloji
Go West

Washington DC's Cartoloji creates products inspired by maps. For their latest pillow collection, they turned their compasses west to San Diego, LA, and San Francisco; $65 each,

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