Classy Cannabis: Celebrating 4/20 (While Still Looking Good)

Stoners have a seriously sloppy reputation. In honor of their "holiday", we bring you nine stylish items that prove that, when done right, marijuana-themed decor can be downright chic.  

By Rachel Amy Shahvar
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Porsche Pipe

This slick "water pipe" is made by none other than the luxury car company Porsche, and is sold exclusively at London's ultra ritzy department store Harrods. Price upon request. 

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Purple Haze

Who knew a cross-section of a cannabis stem could be so beautiful? $54.99,

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Keep Calm

A classic saying...with a 4/20 twist. $10, Etsy.

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Poppy Pillow

Neon colors and a "floral" print make this pillow seriously pop. $20, Society6. 

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Required Reading

When staring at an actual coffee table gets boring, this book should help. $16.95, Amazon

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Pot-y Mouth

Sure, your phone will make a statement, but at least the graphic leafy design is actually pretty chicly designed. $47.95, Zazzle

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Pretty Mary Jane

For a subtle way to wear your 4/20 pride, try these knee-high stockings made in the USA. $36, Strachcona Stockings.

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Green Goddess

Ash is gross. At least this beautiful Art Deco lady makes collecting it a little more appealing. $265, V&M

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Baked Baking

No matter what you're whipping up, this silicone baking pan will ensure your treat comes out in an especially pleasing shape. $16, KarmaLoop

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