Furniture that Speaks to You: "Statement" Making Pieces

The foremost ambition in typography is to seamlessly blend design with linguistic expression. The most common buzzwords heard in this corner of the art world—form and function—resound just as often in interior design, as both kinds of artists strive to create in ways that are not only aesthetically stunning, but ultimately useful as well. Similar goals make typography and interior design kindred spirits, which are reflected in these striking and innovative typographic pieces. Now you can own interactive furnishings that have been given language to proclaim themselves in the room, communicating ideas from where they stand, each piece speaking with a personality of its own. 

By Kelly Anne Bonner
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Love Letters

Color adds another dimension to this statement bookshelf from Quattria. Designed by Ricard Mollon, this acyllic letter shelf is customizable by color and letter, such that you can match up words with color to achieve layered meanings in your typographic piece. Price varies by letter and number of letters in word. 

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Part font, part table, and it tells you so. These one-of-a-kind letter tables, by Alessandro Canepa & Andrea Paulicelli, a design team from Italy of the cleverly-named Fontable, create upper and lowercase letters sold separately so that you can decide what you want your furniture to express. Available for purchase from outdoorzgalllery for $250-500.

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City Tables

The ultimate coast debate is sparked anew by these expressive side tables, available in different colors from Faktura design, $320 each. Buy one or both, and let your guests duke it out! (We'd take LA, of course.) 

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Pin-Drop Doormat

This doormat from Etsy shop Xatara, $45, plays on the ubiquitous Google-satellite statement. 

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French Dresser

French boudoir gets a modern twist through cursive typography, and the labeled drawers are also useful for organization. Available from Wary Meyers, who can be contacted for custom pieces similar to this one. 

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Read Your Book Case

This clever play on words from Saporiti makes it possible for you to “Read Your Book Case” while also reminding you to get back to your books on its expertly designed shelves. Available for purchase by contacting US distribitors KRDG

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Alphabet Stools

Colorful stools caged by letters from LifeSpaceJourney communicate a comfortable place to sit. Contact for pricing and to order. 

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Has Been/Will Be

This shelf from Mebrureoral, $980, expresses a practical and funky way to divide your books. 

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Personal Appeal

Chairs from Tabisso offer a personal invitation to sit down to whomever enters the room. Contact to order and for pricing. 

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