Fussy China Need Not Apply: 9 Earthy, Unglazed Porcelain Pieces

At a sizzling 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, a clay mineral called kaolinite is transformed into the milky-white ceramic material we all know as porcelain. The firing process originated in 3rd century East Asia, where it adopted the interchangeable term “china.” Porcelain doesn't need to be glazed to protect it from liquids, which we dig, because the natural finish on these ceramic finds is the perfect complement to their earthy, organic shapes.

By Elysa Hill
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Cityscape Architectural Wall Installation

You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the decor. This funky wall art installation is such a unique focal point! POAST Etsy Shop, $345

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White Porcelain Vase

A kiln-fired porcelain vase by Bahari is a gorgeous table-top accessory for freshly-picked flowers. Joy and Revelry, $69

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Ceramic Mason Jar Porcelain Vase

Fashioned after simple Ball Mason Jars, these stark-white beauties have all the charm of the original with a sophisticated update. Revisions Design Etsy Shop, $27

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Moooi Foam Bowl

The Dutch word for "beautiful" is "mooi," a very accurate description of this unique bowl, handmade by dipping a sponge under fluid porcelain clay and burning the sponge in a ceramic oven (the sponge burns, leaving behind the imprinted porcelain). Such a neat concept! Stardust Modern, $218

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Faceted Hanging Tray

Hang easy-to-care-for succulents or grow tasty veggies in this unglazed piece, supported by your choice of leather straps in Chocolate or Neutral. Pigeon Toe, $76

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Relief Drip Ceramic Lamp

Allow us to shine some light on this Jonathan Adler showstopper that the artist created by masking off the patterns and sponging away the exposed clay. Jonathan Adler, $295

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Fridge Boxes

Multi-functional fridge boxes are the newest hot commodity in kitchenware. You can take a box from the fridge to the oven or microwave, then pop off the top and place it on the table for an elegant serving dish. White Nest Market, $16

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Freeform Square Bowls

Created for beauty and durability, this set of square bowls is perfect for stashing spare keys, rings, and other tiny knick-knacks. Joy and Revelry, $179

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Gyorgy Cut Series Oil Burner

A sweet and sassy alternative to modern lighting, these adorable votives are sliced and diced to reveal a play on positive and negetive space. Planet Furniture, $88.

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