Going Mobile: Arresting Suspended Pieces for Your Home

The growing popularity of large lofts and minimalist furnishings presents a problem—how to fill all that empty space in an elegant and modern way. The solution? Suspended art pieces offer intrigue to bare walls, serving as a stark contrast to spacious, spare aesthetics. These delicate wall suspensions are easily hung and installed in any area of the house, and some are even customizable. We found pieces in leather, wood, textile and even plastic that will make suspended art a surreal way to illuminate your space.

By Kelly Anne Bonner
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This wall panel installation was inspired by a Damask pattern on woven textiles. Hand-cut and sculpted from leather by designer Genevieve Bennett, this piece from Bespoke Global, $10,235, is a definite conversation starter. 

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Woven macrame adds a delicate pop of color to your space. This Chaos Catcher Wall Hanging, $260, is available from Los Angeles design store TENOVERSIX.

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Available from Made in Design, semi-transparent MobileShadows filter light and come in several variations, $150-$250. Stretched linen make these suspended objects light and airy, so that they are engaging yet unobtrusive works to add to your space. 

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This delicate mobile made of paper origami cranes is an unexpected twist on traditional mobile pieces. Designed and sold by Los Angeles-based Etsy shop NikkiCrossApplesauce, the Mini Peach Sunrise Origami Crane Hanging Mobile, $75, is just one of several stunning origami suspensions featured in their shop.

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Artist Shigeki Fujishiro works with color and geometric shapes in his Frames pieces. Available for $350-$400 from Tortoise, a design store in Los Angeles dedicated to introducing and exhibiting works by Japanese artists, these empty objects play with and enhance stark aesthetics. 

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Breathtaking Clouds, from Linea, create a bit of whimsy in bare spaces. These art suspensions, designed by Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec, will float above your loft and inspire wonder. Price upon request.

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Artist and designer Marco Mahler creates custom mobile art suspensions for his shop. This key lime and black piece, $380, is made with sheet metal, wire, and swivels.

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This stark geometric piece, himmeli no. 5, $97, is designed and sold by Etsy shop HRUSKAA. The crossing black lines of the suspension offer a bold yet delicately framed aesthetic to punch up your loft.

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As one of Fortune Magazine’s 25 Best Products of 2004, Algues, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, offers a compelling and unique way to reconceptualize empty space. Individual plastic modules come in multiple colors and can be attached to create endlessly customizable hanging pieces of art. Available from Hive Modern in packs of 25 for $110. 

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