Guns and Cigarettes: The James Bond Effect

Daniel Craig is back in this month's "Skyfall," and we're seeing an uptick in sexy cigarette- and gun-related designs. Ranging from grenade lamps to glam midcentury ashtrays, these products will make you embrace your vices. 

By Sarah Virginia White
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Arm Yourself

Room&Board took the tools of the silkscreen trade—the aluminum frames, tape and messy leftover paint used to create a piece—and lets them stand alone as vibrant works of art. This pistol print, $399, packs a punch.


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Target Practice

Watch where you sit when you’ve got this “357” pistol pillow lying around. Find it, along with designs of birds and human silhouettes with targets on them, from $137 at Noir Furniture in Los Angeles. 

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Brass Tax

A prototype for a new edition of William Haines’s 1950 brass and acrylic cigarette holder was recently displayed in LACMA’s “California Design,” but fans can inquire about the 6-inch stunners via William Haines Designs.

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Hedgehog Ashtrays

I can’t get enough of the spiky-yet-cuddly stacking ashtrays I spotted in Eclectivist’s Etsy shop. The midcentury set of six nesting hedgehogs, $268, was designed by Walter Bosse. 

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This might not be new, but it’s a classic. The Philippe Starck-designed Gun Lamp for Flos comes as a machine gun, pistol and shotgun for both table and floor versions. 

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Live Audience

The Rehhab Fully Loaded Chair is made from 12-gauge shotgun shells—388 of them, to be exact. It might look scary, but the seating is made from recycled (aka already shot) cartridges, and you can pick from a selection of colored shotshells.


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Fire In The Hole

Designer Piet Houtenbus makes these hand grenade oil lamps from actual US Army surplus grenades. “Each gets its distinct shape from the job it was designed for. The pineapple is for fragmentation, the lemon is for smoke and flash bombs, and the ball is for high impact explosives,” says Dan Zelen, owner of San Francisco’s d. zelen, where you can find the lamps in natural or gilded in silver (shown) and gold. From $60 each. 

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Baby Beluga

Even smokers get the blues, but the fish-shaped Ballena ashtray in brass from Zara Home, $20, could charm even the hardest gangster heart.



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Street Light

Echoing the skyscraper designs of 1920’s Manhattan, this vintage Bakelite and nickel striker lighter brings the cachet of cool back to smoking. Available from LA's Thanks For The Memories online store on 1stdibs

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Lights Out

The James Bond equivalent of The Clapper is Bang!, a remote controlled lamp that you shoot in order to turn it off or on. $299 from 

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One Sip and You're Dead

A hot cup of tea never seems so badass as when sipped from Chilly Chilly’s porcelain Trigger Mug, $18 from Los Angeles-based A+R.  

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