Just Launched: Finnish Up Your Home With The New abc Collection From Artek

If you love the smart furniture from Artek, you'll love how they translated their classic fabrics and aethetics into accessories for home and office. Alvar Aalto's Siena pattern became high-contrast curtains, towels and coasters, while scale rulers, measuring tapes and a carpenter's pencil (among other items) fleshed out a stationary collection by graphic designers Mark Keissling and Birthe Haas of German design studio Griege. The new line intends to serve the needs of everyday life (from A to Z), and launched January 27 at the NYIGF. Peep a few favorites below. 

By Sarah Virginia White
Photo credit: Achim Hatzius
Siena Pattern

Among a score of items made using Alvar Aalto's classic Siena fabric are trivets, towels, coasters, curtains and blankets. 

Photo credit: Achim Hatzius
Stationery Sampler

Designers from the German studio Greige created rulers, stationery and a carpenter's pencil to fulfill your office needs. 

Photo credit: Achim Hatzius
Tapio Wirkkala Steel

Originally fabricated in the 1950s in silver and bronze, the Tapio Wirkkala serving bowl and candlesticks are redone in stainless steel. 

Photo credit: Juha Nenonen
Folding Ruler

The Greige-designed ruler unfolds to extend two meters and is made of black painted beech wood. 

Photo credit: Juha Nenonen

Banish unbalanced furniture and artwork with this smart level from Greige. 

Photo credit: Juhu Nenonen

Sweet simplicity characterizes the beech wood ruler from Greige, available in two sizes. 

Photo credit: Juha Nenonen
H55 Apron

Alvar Aalto's wife (and assistant) Elissa Aalto designed her H55 fabric in 1955—nab it today as this minimalist apron in red or black. 

Photo credit: Juha Nenonen
Oven Mitt

The Elissa Aalto-designed H55 fabric makes a charming oven mitt in red or black cotton. 

Photo credit:
Wool Throws

The classic Siena pattern in merino wool becomes a soft something for swaddling yourself. 

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