Knotty Decor to Get Tangled Up In

Weaving tangled webs is not always a good thing, but when it's in the name of good design, we're all for getting a bit enmeshed. Here are a few pieces perfect for giving your home decor a funky twist.

By Elysa Hill
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Knotty Bubbles

Made from black barnacles and foil gold, this statement lighting piece should be on everyone's wish list. Lindsey Adelman, $10,500.

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Flat Knot Bowl

Cradle summer nectaries, bunches of grapes, and almost-ripe bananas in this abstract but mighty cheeryful green bowl. Ronen Kadushin, price available upon request.  

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Knotted Melati Hanging Chair

Perfect for hanging out in the backyard, by the pool, or in the living room, this woven polyester find will be the center of all sorts of swingin' escapades. Anthropologie, $498.

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Sprouting Easy

Interwoven sisal rope is supported by plastic orange netting, creating a textured juxtaposition between industrial materials. Created by Naomi Troski, via Ikea Home Project.

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Knot Light

It takes two to tango - or tangle, in this case - when ropes and bulbs intermingle to create an awesome light fixture. Seth Quest, price upon request.

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Brass Knot

Set this handcrafted golden sculpture atop a coffee table or display case to add an element of intrigue to your home decor. Kelly Wearstler, $1,495.

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Knotty Floor Cushions

Weaving and basket making techniques were the inspiration behind these super cute floor cushions made by knotting together jersey tubes. Etsy, Kumeko, $502.

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Knoop Table

Designer Josh Urso weaves a tangled web of oh-so-equisite tables that reminds us of Medusa's wary of your gaze. Josh Urso Design, Smallest size starts at $1,600.

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Glass Knot Paperweight

Add glamour to your desk top in a delicate fashion with this decor piece that pulls its own weight. West Elm, $14.

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