For The Love of Modern: 9 Mouthwatering Pieces from SF’s Propeller

Situated in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, Propeller is a store that sells modern art and design pieces by independent and emerging designers. Every piece for sale has a story, and so does Propeller. Its name was inspired by the beautiful form and seamless function of the 19th century propeller design that’s moved us forward ever since. What a perfect source of inspiration for a modern design store!

By Kyle Troutman
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Mod Squad

Certainly a departure from the traditional modular sofa, Canyon maintains clean lines, vibrant color, and an elegant profile all at once. What’s more is that it’s built to last. When you want to switch up the color, simply change the cover! Canyon by Niels Bendtsen, price upon request.

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Wood sourced from Red and White Maple trees from New York and Pennsylvania are used to craft these beauties. The chairs are simple, but far from boring. You can even upholster them if your heart desires. Did I mention that they’re stackable, too? Cain chairs by Seth Eshelman for Staach, price upon request.

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A Million Ways

Joel Degermark designed this unique light so you could create your own perfect lamp. It encourages you to experiment with different types of lighting options through its five sockets. Cluster lamp by Joel Degermark, price upon request.

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Stand and Deliver

The Miyake floor lamp is able to stand at almost any angle due to its polyhedron base. Whether you want it to stand tall or lay low, this lamp has you covered. Miyake lamp by Arihiro Miyake, price upon request.

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Spidey Sense

This breathtaking work of art sports sixteen individual task lamps that can be directed in any way. Dear Ingo pays homage to German designer Ingo Maurer who is known for his unique lamps and brilliant light installations. It also comes in white. Dear Ingo by Ron Gilad, price upon request.

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East Meets West

Famous tattoo artist Paul Timman of the well-known Sunset Strip Tattoo parlor in Hollywood is also a product designer – who knew! He designed these Fine China pieces. Irezumi Ink Dishes by Paul Timman, price upon request.

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This clock gives you the freedom to rearrange time – kind of. Try stacking them vertically or lay them out horizontally. Just don’t forget the time! Open Clock by Jonas Damon, price upon request.

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Fair And Square

The Adler Cubes are made from fallen branches that have been perfectly shaped into small one-of-a-kind tables. There’s only a few left at the store, so get ‘em while they’re hot. Alder Cube by Brent Comber, price upon request.

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On The Ball

This playful, yet functional table uses balls as table legs. More than just a pretty face, the table’s legs are foldable for easy storage and can be stretched farther than most other tables. Also available in white. Balls Table by Bertjan, price upon request.

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