Made-In-LA New York Gift Fair Finds

By California Home And Design
Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
Give and Recieve

We hit the aisles of the New York International Gift Fair, one of the largest housewares tradeshows in the US, at the end of January in search of the newest products from Los Angeles designers. Check out our favorite finds!

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
Tied Up

Inspired by the ubiquitous gift bow, Artecnica’s wall-mounted light is available in a shiny silver or translucent white.

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
Light Glove

Tord Boontje’s pendant light for Artecnica features an etched metal flora design encased within a simple glass globe.

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
Palm Beach Chic

Room Service’s sophisticated new Palm Beach pillow pattern comes in four colorways.

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
I Spy

You’ll want to encourage drawing on the walls with Cavern’s “I See You” wallpaper, which features googly eyes looking in all directions. It’s up to friends and family to sketch in the faces.

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
Green Seeds

Easy for even the laziest of gardeners, these tubes from Green Aid contain several “seedbombs,” which are dirt balls dotted with seeds. Simply toss them outside and wait for the plants to grow. The new seed mixes include edible arugula and a blend to attract hummingbirds.

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
Bug Out

Images of insects, animals, and trees are embossed in metallics on Ige’s velvet pillows.

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
I Want a Pony

Known for its child-sized replicas of iconic modern furniture, Little Nest has added this magenta pony chair to the lineup.

Photo credit: Kirsten Fields
A Cup of Tea

Available in a brilliant teal, this stackable tea tower by Yedi Houseware includes a teapot, two cups, two saucers, and a creamer and sugar bowl set.

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