A Metal Seating Trend We Totally Mesh With

Designers experiment with copper, iron, and brass to create eye-catching industrial-style pieces from coffee tables to light fixtures. Since half the fun of creating is the continual discovery of new materials (like anodized aluminum, which allows for dyeing and improves adhesion), artists have been fusing these new elements with resources already at their disposal. Mesh is one of these tried-and-true metal blends that has been seen in the furniture design circuit this year. Check out why we’re jumping out of our seats to test run – or rather, sit - these chic metal chairs.

By Kyle Troutman
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Hole Punch

The sporty frame on the LAMI chair is carefully crafted from sheet metal so as not to create any extra waste. Use this light lounging chair inside or out, and feel good about the fact that you’re helping out the environment. Markamoderna, $504.

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Hot Mesh!

Ironically named the Hot Mesh chair, this stackable find is anything but a mess. Its geometric pattern mimics the organic design of mesh and is touted as the perfect apparatus for “café canoodling.” We’re on board with that! BluDot, $119.

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Whether you dig the swaying motion of rocking chairs or prefer having your feet planted on solid ground, the Volley family of chairs offers something for every seating preference. From loungers and bar stools to dining and rocking chairs, Tait’s sustainable assortment will satisfy even your hard-to-seat friends. Tait, price upon request.  


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Philadelphia Freedom

A classic leather club chair gets a rockin’ metal update with a frame made entirely from metal mesh. Even more enticing? This chair is crafted with state-of-the-art materials to ensure that it sits pretty and doesn’t fall victim to the outside elements. Half 13 by Damian Velasquez, $3,400. 

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Go Easy

With its slender curves and light frame, we can see this IKEA beauty lending easy breezy whimsy to a garden party. Pick it up in yellow, blue, white, or green to coordinate with the rest of your outdoor décor. IKEA, $149. 

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Timeless Beauty

This chocolate-hued powder-coated metal Biscayne armchair is a mid-century take on the mesh trend. A little sultry and a little industrial, it sure makes a dramatic statement. Minam, $325. 

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