Nine Awesomely Earthy Items

The reduce-reuse-recycle holiday is around the corner—April 22—but before you sprint towards the composter, consider these elevated Earth Day designs. They channel Planet Earth in a sexier way, and still come with a side of self-satisfaction. 

By Sarah Virginia White
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Imagined by Jonah Liden and Rinat Aruh of Aruliden design group in New York, this landscaped fishbowl gives your aquatic pet something to circle, $170 from A+R.


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Cut a Cord

The fully functional Facecord Cabinet from San Francisco’s The Future Perfect would blend right into the woodpile. The Mark Moskovitz design will run you $5,800.


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Wood Wrapper

Miniot makes my favorite wooden tech accessories­—complete with wood buttons. Check out the iWood Wenge for iPhone 5, $103.


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Sea Floor

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto created this large-scale floor art using grains of salt for his show, “Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motio Yamamoto," at Charlotte’s Mint Museum though May 26. 


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Time Zones

People will be talking about this wall clock, made from halved globes and highlighting different parts of Planet Earth. Check out the DIY instructions courtesy of Women’s Day magazine. 


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Sand Blast

Bold Design screated a beach activity kit, called the Memorabilia Factory, which contains natural bacteria and a fixative that lets you cement ordinary sand into solid sculptures—all inspired by natural rock formations (such this version of Durdle Door in Dorset, at left).

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Desert Lights

Studio Swine’s São Paulo Collection was inspired by the tropical modernism of 1950’s Brazil and includes this cactus-shaped standing light (the bulbs are made from re-blown beverage bottles). 

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Cactus Coffee Table

Another Earth-inspired standout from Studio Swine is this coffee table made from scrap aluminum that’s been sand-cast into cactus-shaped supports.

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Cedar Lounges

Carved from solid cedar and available at San Francisco’s Supernatural, this outdoor chair from Italian design firm Riva 1920 looks at home en plein air.


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