Salone del Mobile 2013 Picks From Touch Design Founder Peter Scherrer

California Home+Design staffers couldn’t make it to Milan this year, so we enlisted the eyeballs of Touch design studio co-founder Peter Scherrer. As one half of a team that performs product and graphic design, branding and how-to workshops, he’s the perfect scout. Here are a few of his favorite finds from the event, going on through April 14. 

By California Home And Design
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3-D Tabletop

A collection of tabletop items printed on a 3-D machine. 

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer
Wood Craftsmanship

Hockerbank by Johanna Dehio for Neue Wiener Werkstätte, spotted at the Austrian Design Details exhibition.

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer
Catch Chairs

The Catch chair by Jamie Hayon. The design marks his first collaboration with &Tradition. 

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer

Inge Kuipers showed process sketches of a rethought Shoe at the Design Academy Eindhoven Pavillion. 

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer
3-D Printing

The fingerprint of 3-D printing was visible everywhere—including this chair. 

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer

An emphasis on craft and woodwark is a hallmark of this year's Salone. Niek van der Heiden showed the Closetbench Junior. 

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer
Molded Lights

These textile molded lights by Silo, a design studio by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless, were part of the Royal College of Art Show. 

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer

Fassaria by Mickey Philips used ceramic vessels to create an infographic representing various aspects of the Greek economic crisis of 2012. 

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer
Half Tables

These half side tables by Maiza Editions can combine to form a round table, or lean against the wall as shown here.

Photo credit: Peter Scherrer
3-D Habitat

This is going big—Printed Habitat include 3-D printed, modular partition walls by François Brument, in collaboration with Sonia Laugier at VIA. 

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