Survival Of the Fabulous: A Natural Selection Of Desirable Decor

Nature inspires us to appreciate and reflect on the world around us, so it's only appropriate that our indoor surroundings instill that sense of awe as well. Check out these must-have finds that sport winning traits inspired by Mother Earth, and start curating your own collection that will outlast them all.

By Elysa Hill
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Aso San Pendant Lamp

Hand-chiseled from a basalt lava rock, the Aso San light fixture strikingly resembles grey volcanic rock. Daniel Stoller, price available upon request

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Branches and Fur Chair

One look at the price, and you'll wonder what magical tree these branches were pulled from. This amazing piece of art is designed by Italian artist Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, whose work examines the relationship between man and nature. Anthropologie, $9,800

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Glacier Vase

Visions of beautiful - yet unpredictable - ice formations are symbolized by this smooth porcelain piece. Joy and Revelry, $65

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Ray Table Lamp

These table lamps sport an unusual and intriguing mushroom shape (don't worry, it will grow on you!) and are crafted from elastic textile coating. Kristine Five Melvær, price available upon request.

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Felt Menagerie Animal

The animal kingdom has its own way of keeping its chain of command in check, but when humans intervene to bring home the winnings, it's bad news bears for these majestic creatures. This stitched wool alternative to taxidermy will definitely keep your animal-loving friends (and the mammal world) pleased. Joy and Revelry, $95

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Urishito Glass

The coating of the Urushi Glass is made from the purified sap of the Urushi Tree, native to Japan, and is also seen in tableware and paintings. Japan Joboji, price available upon request.

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Twig Utensils

Mix up your serving utensils with this earthy pair of twig-inspired salad tossers. Joy and Revelry, $59.

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Natural White Birch Forest Clock

Don't lose track of time when you're counting the rings on this clock, crafted from reclaimed Maine white birch trees. Etsy shop Urban Plus Forest, $32.

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Gem Quinn Table

We are loving the natural, raw edge of agate (a healing gemstone!) set in this sidetable crafted from brass. Matthew Studios, custom. 

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